If you are moving to a new farm it can be difficult to get your farm equipment there. Fortunately, using a flat bed trailer will make things much easier for you. Below is some more information about purchasing this type of trailer to help you decide if purchasing one would be right for you.

Tips for Buying a Flat Bed Trailer

When you purchase a flat bed trailer you need to know the weight of the equipment you are transporting. This is because the trailer has to be strong enough to handle this weight. You also need to know the dimensions of the equipment to ensure the trailer is wide enough. If you exceed certain weights you will have to have a permit. This weight depends on the state that you live in. Ask the salesperson that sells you the flat bed trailer, as they likely know if a permit will be required.

Flat bed trailers can be loaded from the sides, rear, or top of the trailer, which will make it easier for you when loading your equipment. Flat bed trailers are generally made of aluminum and steel.

Tips for Protecting Your Farm Equipment

You will need to protect your farm equipment during movement, especially if you are moving to a far location. The best way to do this is by using a tarp system. Once placed over the equipment, it will be like you have an enclosed trailer.

A type of tarp system you can choose is a rolling tarp system. This system has a metal framework that supports the tarp that forms the top over the trailer bed and the sides of the trailer. The frames are attached to wheels that roll on tracks. This allows you to roll the entire tarp system forward or back easily. Some rolling tarp systems also have a curtain at the rear that folds down.

Another type you can choose is the sliding tarp system. This system has square panels with metal or wood stakes. The stakes slide into pockets that are placed on the trailer's edge. This tarp system is generally made with aluminum stakes and a lightweight composite.

When you are ready to remove, or load the equipment, the tarp slides away and you then have access to the rear, sides, or top of the trailer. When finished, simply slide the tarp back onto the trailer.

Companies that make tarp systems can custom design one for you, if needed.

You can get much more information about the flat bed trailer and tarp systems where you purchase your trailer. For more information, talk with a company like Glider Systems Inc.