Common types of truck bed liners are those that are sprayed directly into the bed of the pickup truck or those that clip into place. However, there's another type of bed liner to consider if you own a pickup truck and you're constantly using it to haul different materials. A portable bed liner shares some similarities with a giant tarp — the liner sits in the bed of the vehicle, covering the bottom and the sides, and you can place whatever you wish to carry directly on it. You then fold up the excess material on the sides and secure them atop the load. There are many advantages to choosing a portable bed liner for your pickup truck.

It's Transferable Between Vehicles

A spray liner and a plastic clip-in liner are permanent and semi-permanent ways to protect the bed of your pickup truck. When you buy a portable bed liner, one of the big perks is that you can easily remove it and use it in a different vehicle. If you have two pickup trucks in your family or you have a friend with a pickup truck, it's easy to pull out your bed liner and switch it to another vehicle, rather than have to buy liners for each.

It Protects Your Load

A traditional bed liner is designed to protect the bed of your truck from damage caused by whatever you're carrying, but a portable bed liner is ideal for covering what is filling the bed. When you pull the excess material over the load and secure it with straps, you'll essentially be creating a makeshift tonneau cover for your vehicle. This means that if you're carrying possessions during a move on a rainy day, they'll be protected from the elements. Or, if you're carrying a load of wood chips home from the garden center, you won't lose any on the ride.

You Can Remove The Liner With The Load

Portable bed liners are made from rugged materials, which means that ripping is unlikely. This can be a handy feature in certain applications, as you may wish to pull the load out of the truck's bed with the liner underneath it. For example, if you're carrying topsoil that you wish to use in your yard, you'll commonly dump the soil in your driveway. Doing so can make a mess, but if you pull out the soil with the liner beneath it, dropping it all on the driveway so that the liner acts as a tarp under the soil, you won't have a mess to clean up.

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