If your construction crew drives company-owned pickup trucks to and from job sites, you can use these vehicles to advertise your business. There are many ways you can customize these trucks to increase awareness about your company and attract new customers. Here are just a few ideas you can use to market your company with fleet pickup trucks.

Tailgate Wraps

Drivers behind your company's pickup trucks provide a captive audience for marketing, so take advantage of this by using custom tailgate wraps. The wraps fit over the front of your tailgate, providing ample space for information about your company. You can add your company name and logo, phone number, and even a list of services you provide. Work with your sign company to create a design with text that's large enough for other motorists to read, and consider using several different wraps throughout the year to keep your marketing strategy fresh and new.

Custom Car Magnets

Custom car magnets are great options for both fleet vehicles and any personal pickup trucks your crew drives during the workday. The magnets can be removed when employees are off the clock, and they can be easily changed whenever you want to update your marketing strategy. Select magnets that are large enough to fit on the driver and passenger doors, or consider a longer magnet that runs the length of the truck bed. Add your business name and phone number, along with your web address. You can also hand these magnets out to subcontractors working on a project, as this provides an expanded opportunity to advertise your business. Ask for the magnets back when the contract ends, and reuse them whenever you have a new job with a new crew of subcontractors.

One-Way Vision Signs

One-way vision signs are designed to transform your vehicle's windows into miniature mobile billboards. They feature messaging that is visible to other drivers while still allowing your driver to see and control the pickup truck safely on the road. You can use these signs in the rear window of your truck or even on the back passenger windows on club-cab trucks. The signs attach securely to the outside of the window, and some are resistant to rain and snow for long-lasting use. Consider a bold graphic along with your company name and phone number to create a strong message with this type of sign.

Work with your sign company to determine which options are right for you. In some cases, you may decide to use a mix of these three ideas to make every truck unique while still conveying the same branding message.