If you have recently had a concrete floor poured in your garage, then you probably want to do everything you can to protect the concrete. Protecting your investment may mean adding a mat to the top of the concrete. And, there are a wide variety of products that are available for installation. Vinyl is the most popular material when it comes to mats, and they come in either roll out or tile varieties. Keep reading to learn about these two options and the benefits of each.

Roll out Mats

Roll out mats are exactly what they sound like. They are large, solid mats that come in large sheets and roll out over the top of the concrete floor. The mats are made to cover the vast majority of the garage while allowing for a thin border around the edge. It is possible to cover the entire floor, but you will need to purchase the covering with the exact measurements. Sometimes this is not possible, so instead of leaving a one-quarter to one-half inch border along the exterior, look for a mat that matches the next closest foot. 

Mat rolls are often not wide enough to cover the entire exterior of the floor. You will instead need to buy several mats and piece them together if you want moderate coverage. Ten foot wide mats are often the largest options, but you can add two seven foot wide mats together if you want a more whole floor look.

Depending on your desired look and function, you will need to purchase seams as well as adhesive tapes if you want to secure two or more of the mats together. Also, you have the option of buying and installing edging to taper the edges of the product to reduce tripping hazards. 

Roll out mats have the advantage of being cheaper than tiles, but the overall matt will usually not be as thick as a tile. 

Tile Mats

Tile mats are large square pieces of vinyl or PVC that interlock into one another. The mats feature puzzle piece types edges in many cases, but the interlocking pieces may be located on the bottom edge of the tile so the pieces can interlock seamlessly into one another. 

The vast majority of tile mats are quite thick and between about one-quarter and one-half inch. This offers ideal protection and it also helps to create a softer and more forgiving floor that absorbs shock. 

While the tiles are more expensive, they can be arranged in any configuration, so they are a good choice for oddly shaped flooring configurations or for the placement of the tiles around poles, cabinets, sinks, and other constructions within your garage. The tiles can be placed directly on the floor or you can purchase edges and seams. This is wise to keep the tiles from shifting over time.

Tile mats have the advantage of looking finished and unique, especially if you purchase multiple colors and attach them in rows or a check pattern.

If you want to know more about garage mats and how to choose the best option for your garage, speak with a mat retailer like Pride Mats