Many people are looking to simplify their lives. Living in tiny homes is all the rage right now, as people want to unload their excess things and live a life free of the superficial. For some, living in their van is a better option. Some people are successfully turning a van into a comfortable place to live. Others are converting their vans into a secondary living space for traveling in lieu of a camper or RV. It can be a much more affordable option if you enjoy camping or going on long road trips and don't want to spend money on a hotel. If this sounds interesting, here is what you should know about do-it-yourself van conversion.

There Are Kits Designed to Help

While it may seem easy to convert a van into a living space, it is more complicated than you might think. This is particularly true if you want the limited space in your van to be used efficiently and safely. Professionally designed conversion kits are amazing for converting vans into smartly designed living areas. These kits are available for specific van models, and they come with all of the tools necessary to installing sleeping spaces, kitchen spaces, and other important parts of any comfortable place you would spend time living. These kits not only come with the tools and equipment needed, but they are also equipped with complete instructions.

The Vehicle Will Not Be the Same After

It's important to know that converting your van usually involves stripping out much of the equipment in the back of the van. Some of this is permanent in nature, and it will cause a permanent change. If you are interested in reselling your van, it will likely need to be as a van that has been converted into a van with a living space. Depending on where you live, there may be a limited market for this, so it's important to know that it may affect the resale value.

Not All Conversions Are Equal

Some people like to start small and then add to their van conversion. If you are doing this type of change to a van for the first time, it might be best to start with a basic conversion kit and then add to the changes with upgrades later on. As you are shopping for a conversion kit, you will find a large range of furniture and equipment from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Be sure to know what you want because once you start installing the equipment, it isn't easy to undo. Accessory equipment can be purchased, and like any living space, the possibilities for decor and upgrades are endless. 

Ultimately, a van conversion can be a really fun project. It doesn't matter if your van is old or new; it can be made into a great place to sleep and relax. It can also be made into a living space if you are down on your luck and need a place to live for a time. The best part is that most conversions don't take a long time, and many people are able to do them without needing a lot of help to get all of the equipment installed.