Working with a snowplow service center or dealer to make sure your plow is ready for the winter season should be something to consider in mid-autumn. Some things can affect the plow's performance and must be checked before the snow arrives and the plowing season begins.

System Inspections

The first things that need to be checked by the snowplow service center are the function of the blade, lift pump, and lights on the plow frame. The blade needs to be greased to turn and pivot properly, and since the plow likely sat all summer outside, rain can cause some surface rust to form, but a quick coat of grease is often enough to resolve that.

The snowplow service tech will also check the function of the lift pump on the snowplow to ensure it is lifting and lowering the blade properly. The hydraulic fluid in the pump may also need to be changed if it is more than a couple of seasons old.

The tech should also check the lighting to be sure it is functioning correctly. Since the headlights on your truck as often obstructed by the plow blade, lights that are not working correctly can make it extremely difficult to see the road or the area you are plowing. The plugs on the truck for the electrical connections should all get a bit of dielectric grease in them to keep moisture out during the season, and the condition of the electrical connectors should be checked as well. Damaged connectors need to be repaired or replaced to ensure proper function. 

The Cutting Edge

Along the bottom of the snowplow is a large piece of steel called a cutting edge. This steel edge needs to be checked for damage before you start plowing for the season. If large chunks are missing, there are dents in the edge, or other damage, the snowplow services technician should replace the cutting edge.

The steel cutting edge is set to ride just about the surface of the ground to peel away snow. If it is damaged, it can leave small snow trails behind that will eventually freeze and become icy spots on the surface. The cutting edge can be a little expensive, but it is a crucial component and will affect the performance of the plow if it is neglected. 

New Shoes

Two metal shoes sit under the plow blade and support the blade on the ground. These shoes are designed to keep the blade from directly contacting the ground and causing damage to it as you are plowing.

If yours are missing or damaged, it is vital to have the snowplow services tech install a new set for you. It is common for people to remove the shoes from the plow to get the blade to float on the surface and remove more snow, but this will cause wear to the cutting edge, and if you plow over dirt or grass, you may damage the surface.

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