Every car dealership has that one car: the car that smells bad and turns away potential buyers. If you have a buyer that is turned off by the smell of a car, you may wonder how to get rid of it. There are plenty of causes of foul odors in vehicles, and plenty of ways to get rid of those bad smells.

Are you trying to combat foul odors at the dealership? Finding the root cause of the problem comes first. These are common causes to look for.

Rotten Egg Smell

The rotten egg smell is not something anybody wants to contend with. When you start up your car, you should not continue to smell rotten eggs, especially after a few minutes of running the car. This issue could indicate that something is wrong with your catalytic converter. Either it may be damaged or stolen.

This issue can, fortunately, be fixed with some help from a mechanic. If you've got a vehicle at the dealership, this should be an easy fix.

Car Exhaust Smell

If the car smells like exhaust, there could be a leak in the system. The cause could also be related to poor sealing. While preventing these smells is important, it is important that you address the issue. This will require addressing the leak to avoid illness or injury.

Mildew and Musty Smells

One of the biggest problems resolved with an odor eliminator is the musty smell. If you smell wet or damp mildew, the problem could exist anywhere. Even if you address the cause of the problem, wet seats or a wet floor, you may need to eliminate the odor to make the sale.

Food Smells

Bad smells may be caused by food that has been left under the seat or in a hidden part of the vehicle. Even if you have removed the food, you may notice that the smell persists. This can be a particularly nasty smell if the food contained milk or something else that has rotted. In addition to cleaning the carpets, odor eliminators may be required.

Odor Eliminators Help You Address the Issue

Odor eliminators are great resources that help you get rid of bad smells in these vehicles. If you are trying to sell a vehicle, you can't have bad smells turning away buyers. No matter the cause of the smell, it is important that you eliminate it. 

Contact an odor elimination company, such as NuVinAir, for more information.